KC Scott Gallagher Community Alliance


Caring for the needs of underserved children and families is the ‘ultimate goal’ of the alliance

Kansas City, MO – April 27, 2020 – Two of Kansas City’s premier youth soccer organizations have teamed up in the form of a Community Alliance, aimed at increasing opportunities for underserved youth to cultivate critical life skills through the game of soccer, while making a positive impact in the community. Global Futbol Community (Global FC) and Kansas City Scott Gallagher (KCSG) will initiate this Community Alliance by locking arms during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Located in Kansas City, MO, Global FC uses soccer as a vehicle for transformative impact, supporting youth through resources, opportunities and relationships towards a brighter future. Global FC aims to build players to community leaders and ambassadors. The organization has positively impacted the game of soccer by providing underserved youth in Kansas City with quality soccer opportunities and access to the best facilities, leagues and tournaments. 

Staying proactive and innovative during this crisis, Global FC has transitioned its impact through a virtual platform, ensuring the vital needs of vulnerable populations are met during these testing times.  Our dedicated staff and volunteer network quickly transitioned to online delivery of our tutoring, mentoring and educational programs to help ensure Global FC students have the resources and emotional support they need during this unparalleled time of school closures,” said Global FC founder Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake.

Food relief efforts has become one of the central focuses for Global FC during COVID-19. The immigrant and refugee population face unique challenges during this crisis, “Many of the youth we serve rely heavily on school-based programs for their meals,” added Goodbrake. “After school closures and social distancing practices were mandated, we quickly pivoted to help meet the basic nutritional needs of our Global FC students and their families.”

Global FC has partnered with a local food relief organization to provide lunches to school-age children and their families. “When Kansas City Scott Gallagher learned about what we were doing they did not hesitate to ask how they could help,” said Goodbrake. “It was clear from the onset that caring for the needs of underserved children and families would be the ultimate goal of our alliance.” she added.

As we continue to build on our foundation of who we want to be and how we want to operate, we wanted to be able to be more involved in our community.  Global FC allows us this opportunity and we couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead both on and off the field.  What they have been able to do in their 5 years of existence in the community is something we can learn from. We are thrilled to join Global FC in a time when social distancing has prevented practice and has suspended soccer play. As part of our commitment, we are asking all KCSG families to consider joining us in this effort by donating food items or making a financial contribution to Global FC.” said Brad Davis, Technical Director for Kansas City Scott Gallagher

Global FC and Kansas City Scott Gallagher are exploring ways they can partner to enhance the game of soccer by breaking barriers to participation, while authentically caring for the underserved community. “Global FC is very excited about this community alliance. It will give our players and coaches an unprecedented opportunity to develop with the help and guidance of a first-class organization,” said John Parker, Director of Coaching for Global FC. For now, the two organizations are focused on the immediate needs of vulnerable youth and families during COVID-19. 

This Community Alliance is a breakthrough opportunity to positively impact the game of soccer and promote social change. Both organizations agree that the Greater Kansas City Area can benefit greatly by bridging cultural divides and opening new opportunities to vulnerable communities. By sharing common goals and feeding into each other’s visions, they hope to build a larger narrative that transcends soccer.  Harnessing the tremendous potential of sport, the GFC/KCSG Community Alliance is dedicated to the long-term goal to transform communities and lives.

About Kansas City Scott Gallagher

The mission of Kansas City Scott Gallagher is to be the best soccer club in the country while positively impacting the community it serves. The club is built on the tradition of playing soccer with technically efficient players and teams. At the same time, players are encouraged to respect all aspects of the game, including parents, coaches, opponents, referees and facilities. Kansas City Scott Gallagher developed its “5 Shield Values” to guide the conduct of players, coaches, parents and fans. The values are: Tradition, Humility, Respect, Unity and Passion. For more information, visit kcsgsoccer.org.