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Volunteers are crucial to our program vision and success. We see our volunteers not merely as support agents that assist in our organization tasks, but rather the “change agents” within our growing community who are willing to shepherd new ideas for the betterment of the people we serve. All this, while staying true and connected to our founding vision and core values. Whatever your background or experience, we welcome you to invest in our cause as a volunteer.
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We Need Your Support!

If the below roles don’t fit into your schedule, interest, or you have a suggestion as to how you can help please let us know and we will work with you to find the best fit.

We are currently looking for:

Head Coaches

Assistant Coaches

Team Mentors

Team Managers

Matched Mentors

Career Mentors




General Support

Join our mission by becoming a volunteer! Contact us to explore any of these life enriching service opportunities Info@branch-global.com.

“I have lived in Kansas City all my life and finally learned that the only way to truly gain knowledge about the different barriers within our city was to go be present on the other side of the said barriers. You cannot learn what people truly need without being in relationship with them and understanding where they come from. That’s why Global FC has been such an amazing thing for me, it’s given me that link to the Northeast that I’ve been looking for, with an added bonus of something I love- soccer! Observers may think us volunteers are blessing the refugee families through our service, but the truth is, the refugee families are blessing us through their love, and compassion and willingness to let us into their lives.”

(Liz Niederhauser)