The Global FC Mentoring Program harnesses the power of relationships to guide youth in discovering their greatest God-given purpose and potential. Vibrant communities are built as youth become thriving members of society, while mentor’s lives become transformed through this rich experience.

“Family isn’t always blood. Family isn’t about happy moments only it’s about sad moments too. It’s the people who love you in their lives, the one’s who would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what happens. To that’s Global FC, it’s family to me.”

– Happy Melly (Boys U16)

What makes the Global FC mentoring different?

“Global FC means so much to me. I have been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Opportunities that will further my success as an individual. Growing up, I’ve always envisioned using my voice for something greater than myself. I can wholeheartedly say that I’ve found that in Global FC. My role as a mentor has given me so much purpose in life. The difference between saying you support refugees and actually interacting with them and having a positive impact on them is so huge. It’s crazy to think how much of an impact you can have on someone but even crazier to think how much you can be impacted yourself. But in the end, Global FC means love. No matter how difficult a time may be or how impossible a solution may seem, love will conquer.”

(Merriam Haydaripoor, Global FC mentor)


Global FC mentoring is grounded in the philosophy that all young people need the guidance and support of positive influences and relationships to develop and flourish as human beings, overcome personal challenges, and reach their full God-given purpose and potential. In turn, they become ambassadors,empowered to create a better and more just community and society. Global FC mentoring accomplishes this by providing youth:

  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills, social networking competencies, and a sense of responsibility for the course of their own lives.
  • Friendship and emotional support essential to overcoming life’s challenges.
  • Guidance in key areas such as education, career, and relationships with friends and family.
  • To hold on to and celebrate their unique cultural identity and heritage, while absorbing the positive aspects and influences of the Western culture. We desire for them to navigate culture versus negotiate culture. To see value and beauty in both where they come from and where they are going.
  • To build a strong individual and family narrative.
  • Access to new opportunities and positive influences that change the course of their lives.

“I believe in helping people in difficult times, in trying to understand people, and in trying to study because education is power. I see people who have a lot of material possessions, but I do not feel jealous because what is really important is love and relationships. I know how quickly you can lose what you have. In America, we don’t have money. But we have peace.”

– Helene Bounsana, Refugee youth from Congo

 page10image1840page10image2000Did you know? The population of immigrant-origin youth is projected to account for one-third of US children by 2050 and represents the fastest growing group of American children.

FG-IRY (First Generation Immigrant and Refugee Youth)
Mentoring Goals:
  • Support youth through program year.
  • Create “mentor-rich” environment.
  • Family engagement.
  • Form mentoring strategies around both 1-1 and group oriented interactions.
  • Impact community via service projects and activities.
  • Develop a Life Plan with the mentee.
  • Provide a positive, meaningful, transformational and fun experience for all.

To know more about the Global FC mentoring program or how to become a mentor, contact