Player Sponsorship

See potential right in your local community….

When you become a player sponsor, you invest in the life of a Global FC youth. 100% of your financial sponsorship goes toward the support of our youth. The world is coming to our doorsteps, engage them in your local community!

For $490 for a season, you will give your sponsored youth access to life-changing programming through sports, education, mentoring and other tools provided through Global FC. Your sponsorship supports:

  1. A community approach to youth development
  2. A village of volunteers dedicated to longterm, year-round relational investment in the life of a youth
  3. A pathway to a bright future through transformational programs and services

A gold star sponsorship of $490 provides a full season of support for one Global FC youth

A silver star sponsorship is an amount of your choosing

A bronze star sponsorship is a donation of equipment to support Global FC youth

As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand through engagement opportunities. Build a personal connection with your sponsored player through sideline game support, family engagement and mentoring chains.

Download our Player Sponsorship form here.

Learn more about Global FC youth and start your journey of making an incredible impact in their life and community. Questions? Please call us at 816.456.1528 or connect with us through email.