Soccer Literacy

Soccer literacy is a program designed to harness the proven benefits of physical activity, leveraging soccer as a tool for literacy development in a fun and engaging way.

What Is Soccer Literacy?
Soccer Literacy is designed and implemented by Global FC to build upon what is taught in the classroom, working in partnership with the schools. The program is intended to provide opportunities for English Language Learners to practice literacy and English language skills through soccer activities that promote teamwork and skills training.

I have not seen a program that got the kids so excited as the [soccer] literacy program from Global FC last summer. The kids did not know what to expect last summer, but after the first session, they could not WAIT to go again. Using soccer, the teachers (coaches) were able to teach/reach kids who do not have any language or academic vocabulary. The kids were held accountable for what they were learning, as well- and were able to retain that information that was taught! Plus, seeing their coaches/tutors collaborating with their classroom teachers had a big impact on them. What a great way to show that we are all on the same page and we are ALL here to help them succeed. I absolutely loved the program! -Emma Jones, ESL teacher

A number of popular strategies and approaches that promote language development lend themselves to physical education. Engaging in soccer specifically empowers youth in many ways— physically, emotionally, socially and academically.

I loved Soccer Literacy because it was so fun interacting with various kids from all over the world, and all kids were excited and seemed to have fun. Seeing the kids reminded me that learning a new thing must be fun and exciting. Making them feel like that is one of the teacher’s jobs, and Soccer Literacy can do that. I’d love to volunteer for it again.

-Takuya Takagi, volunteer

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