Girl’s Soccer Programming

Cultural, religious and economic barriers have often restricted girls access to extracurricular activities in underserved communities, especially for New Americans. This has traditionally isolated ambitious and talented young girls from opportunities to develop in sports, social integration, confidence, self-worth and leadership opportunities. Global FC’s foundation of trust and credibility within the community have allowed girls to participate in our various programming.

  • Primary focus: Sports, leadership, character development, civic responsibility and education.
  • Strong mentoring chains have developed through our college volunteer base which has served to dramatically increase our family engagement efforts as volunteers have made intentional efforts to gain support of the family unit.

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“Family isn’t always blood. It’s about people in your life who want you in theirs, accept you for who you are. The one’s that would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what. That is Global FC for me!”

(Global FC youth:Confiance – Rwanda)

Thank you Finesse Soccer for being a trusted partner in our vision to support and inspire our Global FC girls!

Meet the incredible community of warrior women around our Girl’s Program:


Alexis Yoder-
I’m from Raytown, Missouri and am currently a student at Rockhurst University double majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) and Spanish. I began to volunteer for GlobalFC two years ago and it was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I have gotten to experience a literal whole other world that is fifteen minutes from my house through a sport that I love- fútbol. I have had the privilege of coaching and tutoring in GlobalFC, and throughout my experience I have found that it is impossible to not fall in love with the girls, boys, and their families that are a part of the GlobalFC community. The relationships and experiences I have gained through GlobalFC are priceless, and I am super grateful and proud to have gotten to know, love, and be a part of the GlobalFC community!

My name is Brianna Shores and I grew up in a small town outside of Joplin, Missouri, moved to Kansas City to study Biology at UMKC and am currently studying medicine at UMKC.

I want my life to be filled with the diversity of language, story and learning represented as in Global FC. One of my favorite things is going to soccer practices to see the kids just being able to be kids, learning a new sport, connecting with peers and becoming even more themselves. We have such a hodge lodge group, but that only makes it even more fun as the kids learn to interact and share life with the others on their team. Medical school is keeping me busy with lectures, clinical and reading but Global FC has and continues to keep me grounded in a beautiful community of people that I enjoy spending time with and learning from, so as I continue as an individual mentor, I also look forward to becoming a team mentor and helping with the development of the girls’ soccer program.

My name is Liz Niederhauser. I was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri, left for a few years to attend the University of Missouri in Columbia, but ultimately came back to the city. When I moved back to Kansas City, I wanted to continue to work with a refugee community, and I read about the Global FC boy’s program in the KC Star in November of 2016 and I was hooked. My first task as a volunteer was to drive 2 Congolese girls to Soccer practice. I have been mentoring one of them every since, and have developed a relationship with their entire family that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s been beyond a blessing to get to know the girls in our program and their families and to partner with so many amazing people and organizations not only to support, but to learn from this community. They have so much to teach us, it just takes proximity and being present and a willingness to learn; and your life will be changed in a way you would never expect.

My name is Chrissy and I started playing soccer when I was three and I still play in adult leagues to this day. Soccer, academics, and family have all shaped my life in various ways. As the daughter of a military father, growing up I lived in several different cities and experienced unique cultures. I learned from my parents that the willingness to put others first is the best asset you can possess. I earned a degree in Human Biology from the University of Kansas where I also played club soccer. Currently, I am an immunology laboratory supervisor for a company that performs specialized blood testing that focuses on immunocompromised patient populations. Recently, I decided to seek out opportunities to serve outside the medical community and found Global FC through my friend, Rachel Chesley.  I am blessed with the opportunity to coach and get to know these girls and their families.

My name is Celeste. I’m originally from Hong Kong, and I’ve been in Kansas City for nearly 12 years. I became involved with Global FC because my church and university are partnered with the organization, and I was really excited to become a part of this diverse community because I love interacting with kids and other cultures. I started out volunteering as a tutor, but the girls in the programming quickly stole my heart because they are so fierce—on the soccer field and in life. They are an inspiration to me, and I love getting to be part of their lives.

My name is Abby. I started volunteering with global FC a little over two years ago. I heard about the program through a friend I went to UMKC with. I got involved with Global FC to get involved with something bigger than myself and to help impact kids from my community. Little did I know how much this organization would mean to me.