Girl’s Soccer Programming

Cultural, religious and economic barriers have often restricted girls access to extracurricular activities in underserved communities, especially for New Americans. This has traditionally isolated ambitious and talented young girls from opportunities to develop in sports, social integration, confidence, self-worth and leadership opportunities. Global FC’s foundation of trust and credibility within the community have allowed girls to participate in our various programming.

  • Primary focus: Sports, leadership, character development, civic responsibility and education.
  • Strong mentoring chains have developed through our college volunteer base which has served to dramatically increase our family engagement efforts as volunteers have made intentional efforts to gain support of the family unit.

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“Family isn’t always blood. It’s about people in your life who want you in theirs, accept you for who you are. The one’s that would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what. That is Global FC for me!”

(Global FC youth:Confiance – Rwanda)