Impact Stories

Stories are not information. They shape cultures, transmit hope, shape identity, and ultimately remind us of our common human denominators. Every person possesses the power of narrative and the ability to formulate new realities and ideas. By being empowered by the past and the hope of the future, Global FC uses the power of story to encourage our youth to venture into a journey of reconciliation, to heal, to grow and to unleash the stories back into a world to encourage others.

For our Global FC youth, our aim is to transform their stories of perceived shame into stories of empowerment. Building an individual and family narrative is a key goal in our efforts.

What is a Player Profile?

In a collaborative effort with the youth, parent and Global FC volunteer, a story is built through basic questions around their life back home, journey and experience into the USA and their hope and dreams for the future.

Mentor Spotlight

“As most of you know by now I have partnered with global fc and I am now a mentor. I have been perfectly matched with a new best friend. I am having so much fun learning about the African culture and learning the journey this awesome huge family has been through.”

-GFC Mentor Zac

Mentor Spotlight

“I never realized that mentors can become part of their mentee’s family until I joined Global FC. My viewpoint has shifted to include a more holistic take on mentoring.”

-GFC Mentor Nina

Global Youth Spotlight

How has global fc impacted your life since moving to Kansas City from BO, Sierra Leone?

“Global FC is more that a soccer club I see global fc as a family. if you have problems there are people there to help you. I have learned to be more responsible and respectful.”

-Samuel (Global FC U18s)